About Us

iABLE is the Assistive Technology Wing of KritiKal Solutions, A Technology Design House with expertise in Vision Systems, combining strengths across Product Engineering, Innovation and R&D to bring out holistic products & solutions in Mobile-Vision, Embedded-Vision & Cloud-Vision. Our aim is to leverage Technology to break barriers to literacy, employability and independent, empowered living for people with Visual Impairment. With expertise in Product Engineering, R&D and Innovation applied across domains like Embedded Systems, IoT, Computer Vision, A.I. & Software Development, we create Assistive Technology Products which focus on truly empowering people with Visual Impairment, be it at the Workplace, Educational Scenarios or during day to day activities.

Affordability takes a strong focus, especially when it comes to Assistive Technology and we ensure availability and reach for every segment. Our Products aim to enable independent mobility, education, digital access and living. Our strong linkages with IITs, India’s most prestigious Institutes of Technology, help us feed our Innovation Engine and create Intelligent, Assistive Technology & Products.

Our Approach

At iABLE, we believe in a practical approach which resonates with the real needs of the end users. With an aim to enable truly independent mobility, education & living, for people with Visual Impairment, we ensure every feature, every detail on our Products and Solutions is built in consultation with Visually Impaired personnel. This process ensures our products have a real impact, in terms of practicality, affordability and even ergonomics.
A great example would be our Refreshable Braille Devices. To enable true independence at work in today’s Digital Era, one needs to be able to do all sorts of things, right from documentation to emailing to browsing the internet for information. Where the only available devices that offer decent features are exorbitantly priced or come at a lower price point but with almost negligible features; The DotBook 20P & DotBook 40Q come packed with Features such as a Word Editor, Email Client, Browser and much more. The devices have a very specific ergonomic design, built with feedback and suggestions from various trials conducted with Visually Impaired Users.

Our Team

This is Prof. M. Balakrishnan, from Dotbook’s Technical team

Prof. M. Balakrishnan

Technology, IIT, Delhi
This is Prof PVM Rao, from Dotbook’s Technical team.

Prof PVM Rao

Technology, IIT, Delhi
This is Pulkit Sapra, from Dotbook’s Technical team.

Pulkit Sapra

Technology, IIT Delhi
This is Suman Muralikrishnan, from Dotbook’s Technical team.

Suman Muralikrishnan

Technology, IIT, Delhi
This is Sonali, from Dotbook’s Technical team.


Technology, IIT, Delhi
This is Piyush channa, from Dotbook’s Technical team.

Piyush channa

Technology, IIT, Delhi
This is Siddharth Chandra, from Dotbook’s Marketing team.

Siddharth Chandra

Sales & Marketing
This is Deepak Verma, from Dotbook’s Technical team.

Deepak Verma

This is Kartik Sonti, from Dotbook’s Marketing team.

Kartik Sonti

Sales & Marketing
This is Jagpal Singh, from Dotbook’s Technical team.

Jagpal Singh

This is Karishma Jaiswal, from Dotbook’s Technical team.

Karishma Jaiswal

This is yash Kishore, from Dotbook’s Technical team.

Yash Kishore

This is Sarvesh Upadhyay, from Dotbook’s Technical team.

Sarvesh Upadhyay