DotBook 20P

This is the logo of DotBook 20P in Black and White colour. 20P

The Digital Era has enabled rapid growth, with endless information and knowledge available instantly through the internet and a multitude of smart devices.

DotBook has been developed with an aim to enable our Visually Impaired Community to tap into the full potential of the Digital Revolution. This Cost-effective, ergonomic design, is feature-packed and will help eliminate dependence on laptops and writing assistants. DotBook 20P is the most reliable and user-friendly device featuring 8 dots Perkins style Braille Keyboard with additional function keys, a Rotary Switch for smart selection, and Bluetooth 4.1 and USB Connectivity. Designed to keep comfort as the topmost priority, the device offers seamless navigation through its panning thumb 5-arrow keys. Coupled with AM335x 1GHz ARM® Cortex-A8 processor and 512 MB RAM, it ensures high-performance in accessing digital content. Users can use it with their smartphones and tablets, or laptops to read, edit, browse content & manage emails on the go. Going shoulder to shoulder with peers at work or for education, will no longer be a hurdle for Visually Impaired Professionals, Students & Individuals at large.



DotBook 20P has been designed with a special focus on Ergonomics, every groove and angle on the device body built, keeping ergonomics in mind, in consultation with Visually Impaired Users. User Friendliness is a prime focus for us at iABLE and this has reflected in design as well.

Perkins Keypad

DotBook 20P, being used by a person is shown in this image.

Function Keys / Rotary Switch & Smart Mode Selection

Dotbook 20P with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB support is shown here.

Dual Spacebar for ease of use

This image shows the Ergonomic Design of DotBook 20P.

Connectivity – USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, Micro SD Card, Micro USB, Headphones

The DotBook 20P with USB and SD Card Port can be seen here.