DotBook 40Q

This is the logo of DotBook 40Q in Black and White colour. 40Q

The Digital Era has enabled rapid growth, with endless information and knowledge available instantly through the internet and a multitude of smart devices. Our Visually Impaired Community, however, has not been able to extract the full value out of this revolution.
The DotBook, our powerful Refreshable Braille Display has been designed to enable easy access to Digital Content through e-reading and e-writing for people with Visual Impairment.

it is a feature packed device comes with QWERTY Keyboard Input and is scalable, with an App Framework that allows 3rd Party Apps to be added, enriching the platform’s flexibility and User-friendliness.

Technology & Features

The Refreshable Braille Display of DotBook 40Q is shown here

This is a cost-effective, ergonomic design with an aim to eliminate the dependence on laptops and writing assistants. The DotBook 40Q is specially designed & developed for the Visually Impaired, using IIT Delhi’s Patented Technology based on Shape Memory Alloys; with built-in applications such as:

File Manager

Notepad & Word Processor - Read & Edit Text & Doc Files

Screen Readers (NVDA: Windows PC & Laptops | Braille Back: Anroid OS)

Web Browser


Ebook Manager (Browse, Search, Download & Read eBooks - .brf, .epub, .txt, .pdf files)

Design Thought Process

The DotBook Technology provides ‘line by line’ output of Digital Content through a Tactile interface, thereby streamlining the procedure of reading and managing the digital content. Based on Visually-impaired Users’ interaction with the system at every stage of development including problem identification, design feedback, and prototype validation, we refined DotBook’s design to make it even more user-friendly, convenient and cost-effective.

DotBook is armed with AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 high processing speed processors and powered by inbuilt rechargeable batteries. It supports Bluetooth/USB/ Wi-Fi interface and can be connected with a multitude of devices such as computers and smartphone. This standalone and portable device with a user-centric and ergonomic design aims to create true empowerment for people with Visual Impairment, be it at School, at Work or during Leisure.

The QWERTY Keyboard acts as a plus point for Users who have gotten used to using standard laptops and computers and are comfortable with the QWERTY Format for input. This can be converted at any time to a Perkins input method, for Users who prefer the Classic Perkins setup.

40 Cell / 8-Pin Braille

This image shows a person using DotBook's braille display.


This is DotBook 40Q, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality.

Thumb Keys for easy navigation and Stereo Speakers

The 4 Thumb Keys of a DotBook 40Q can be seen in this image.

Bluetooth, External Memory (Micro SD Card)

DotBook 40Q with Micro USB and SD card port is shown here.

Headset Connectivity & USB Slots

The DotBook 40Q with USB and Headphone Port is shown here.