Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions, below in our FAQ Library

Where can I purchase this product?

Orders can be placed in 2 ways:
1. Through the Saksham Trust Website – HERE.
2. Raise a request through our Contact Page – HERE.

Can I try out the product before purchase?

If MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 5 then we can arrange a demo for 2-3 Hrs
For lesser quantities one can schedule a visit to Saksham / KritiKal Solutions and try out the Device

Do I have to pay anything for the Trial?

Demos are free for a MoQ (Minimum Order Quanitity) of 5 Devices. Demos for lesser quantities will be chargeable.

What are the different Modes of Function?

There are 3 modes of using the DotBook Braille Display

Standalone Mode: In this mode you can use the inbuilt application installed on the device.
PC Mode: In this mode you can connect your device to a windows PC through USB cable or Bluetooth. In order to use this mode you must have installed NVDA and DotBook NVDA add-ons on the connected PC.
Phone Mode: In this mode you can connect to any Android Mobile Device using Bluetooth. To use this mode you must install BrailleBack with DotBook driver on your Mobile Phone.

Do I need to install any software before using the device?

To use the device in Standalone Mode, you do not need to install any Software. However to use the display in PC and Mobile Phone Mode – you must install the required software’s / drivers on your PC and mobile phone as mentioned under the above point “Different Modes of Function

Does the device need to be plugged in for use?

Not Required. The DotBook has a battery backup of 5-6 hrs. In the scenario that battery gets Low , the Display shows a notification message prompting you to plug the device into charging. Full charging takes upto 6 Hours.

Do I need to charge the device before using it the first time?

No, Charging is not required for first time use.

Are batteries included with the device?

Yes. Battery & Charger are included in the Kit (Box)

Is my new device covered under warranty?

New device is covered in warranty.

I don't know how to use the device. How can I learn?

You may raise a request for training – HERE.